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BMW 1-series with 5 millions units all over the world There was sold BMW 1-series with body number 5 million. One more BMW maker record in its history
New Kia Optima 2011 for European dealers with 1.7 diesel and 2.0 gaz The Europen Kia dealers will receive Kia Optima 2011 1.7 diesel and 2.0 gasoline with less power than in USA
Audi A3 Cabrio 1.2 TFSI in European dealers soon. Prices announced New Audi A3 Cabrio 1.2-litter TFSI must be in European dealers network soon. New turbo technologies in small engines
New Volkswagen Sharan 2010 presenting in Geneva. First official picture The New Volkswagen Sharan 2010 model year is presenting in Geneva Show. The first Sharan picture
Audi A1 For Sale from Geneva 2010. New Audi specs 3-door hatch The New Audi A1 for Sale will be available after Geneva in a month. Audi presented specs, options for 3-door hatch 2010
Audi A1 Presentation - large carmaker event. Pics and Video prepare The Audi A1 Presentation soon that is large carmaker event. preparing Pics and Videos of A1 production
Type of Mercedes C63 AMG with name Concept 358 - some tuning of C63 model Version of Mercedes C63 AMG that called as Concept 358 was presented as tuning for AMG model with orange color
Red Fiat 500 Tuning named Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari for UK also. Prices This Fiat 500 tuning makes sport car from baby car. Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari. Price for Uk and sales starts
Facelifted Subaru Impreza STI 2011 and new STI Sedan model In addition to the updated appearance of Subaru Impreza WRX StI new variant sedan for StI 2011 model year
First Audi A8 D4 tuning from Hofele Design Studio First Ambitions Hofele design studio risked with the Audi A8 D4. First tuning of Audi’s flagman new model year
New Electric VW e-Up! 2013-2014 Officially New VW e-Up! with the new quick-charging system for electric car is officially presented
Electric car Peugeot 205 - First test Peugeot's electric vehicle before 106 Model There is a document found about Peugeot 205 Electric, confirming the existence of the electric vehicle before Peugeot 106-electric
Nissan Leaf Price for US. New All-electric Nissan does costs its money The electric car Nissan LEAF prices announced. New electric vehicle sales starts in USA with nice cost
New Lincoln MKZ Hybrid 2011 with good specifications Eco President The last Ford developments in the new Lincoln MKZ Hybrid from early 2011 year. The Lincoln hybrid specifications are tempting enough


The New Ferrari-based sports Car Maserati for 2015 - successor to the MC12 model MC12 of 2015 MC12 of 2015
It's started the new Maserati sports car development based on Ferrari model, successor of Maserati MC12 for 2015
600 Options and colors Porsche in New Promotional Material on a Wide selection of 2013 Porsche Power of Difference Power of Difference
All 600 options and a variety of colors in the new Porsche 2013 promotional material about a wide selection of individualization Porsche Exclusive
Confirmed: Ford Focus RS III will not come till 2015 4th Focus RS 4th Focus RS
Confirmed Ford Focus RS edition of III generation in 2015 with front wheel drive and 335 hp engine
New Speed World Record 2013 on Ice on RS6 Ice Speed Record RS6 Ice Speed Record RS6
Audi RS6 has set a new speed record on ice with Nokian tires
2014 Subaru WRX As Separate From the Impreza Model Separate WRX Separate WRX
All renderings and details of the Subaru WRX of 2014 as a separate model, not Impreza's modification
Callaway Cars offering Hatchback from Sports car Chevrolet Corvette C7 Automobile Company Callaway Cars proposing revised version of the 2013 Corvette C7 body sport hatchback
Almost Brand Mercedes-Benz CLK Black Series Edition from Prior Design Tuning Package German tuning studio Prior Design offering similar to Black Series Edition package for Mercedes-Benz CLK
The fastest and most powerful electric car in the world - electric supercar, sports car from Finns Super Electric Car The possibility of issuing a serial model the Toroidion will finally review after the reaction of the public and additional tests, but for now this super electric car will be exhibited as a concept
Double Price for BMW i8 to buy Hybrid Electric Car out of turn Almost double price paid Californian to quickly buy hybrid electric BMW i8 without queue
Extended real range Tesla Roadster 3.0 to 400 ml and improved electric car specs Up to 400 ml extended range Tesla Roadster 3.0 through improved technical specs of the American electric car

4x4 Offroad

Prices for New Renault Captur as offroad version of Clio Clio SUV Clio SUV
Renault announced prices for the new model Renault Captur, Clio version for light off-road
At the Auto Show in New York Toyota will present the new 2013 Highlander III Soon the New Highlander Soon the New Highlander
At the New York Auto Show 2013 Toyota will demonstrate the next generation Highlander 2014
Perhaps the First Pics of Range Rover Sport II 2013-2014 year RR Sport 2 RR Sport 2
Non official photos of the latest 2013 Range Rover II generation with index Sport
The New Car Plant in Leipzig and 1,000 jobs for Porsche Macan 2014 assembly Macan Jobs Macan Jobs
Opened more than 1,000 vacancies to build a new car from the VAG - Porsche Macan
Prototype of new Land Rover Freelander 2014 or 2015 is tested in Camouflage LR Freelander 3 LR Freelander 3
Spy photos of the next generation of 2014-2015 model year Land Rover - Freelander crossover
Classic Off-road SUV Land Rover 109 and Tuning of Defender 110 predecessor of 1958-1970 How looks the predecessor of the classic SUV model Land Rover Defender 110 as real retrocar Land Rover 109 II A Series 1958-1970, with the car tuning restoration package from Himalaya4x4
Tuning for the five-door Jeep Wrangler JK in the version Sahara or Unlimited from Kahn Presented another draft of Kahn tuning for the five-door modifications of Jeep Wrangler JK Sahara vs Unlimited
210 mm Clearance of Kia Soul 2015 as all-wheel drive hybrid electric concept KIA Trailster For Green Off-Road Even before the presentation of the hybrid many buyers of Kia Soul regarded the model as mono-drive SUV, but in fact it is a compact family MPV with 160 mm ground clearance
Less MPG Fuel consumption Lincoln Navigator 2015 with new engine 3.5 V6 Ecoboost Lighter EcoBoost engine and less MPG fuel consumption for the upgraded version of Lincoln Navigator 2015 III generation with a new V6 3.5 Ecoboost
Price and Fuel Consumption of New XC90 2015 with hybrid Volvo T8 Plug-in Twin Engine The high price for top-end new Volvo XC90 T8 2015 and low fuel consumption of the hybrid with Twin Engine